How to Choose a Slate Supplier

The process of choosing a slate supplier depends on the type of products and quantities you need. Some suppliers focus much more on the roofing slate or on the billiard tables, other have a strong emphasis on the calibrated materials like paving and tiles. Moinho has a strong focus on the high quality calibrated slabs […]

How to Import Brazilian Slate

For the safety and best logistical means of transport for your slates, Moinho Company works with shipping services as a means of simplifying your import processes and our export procedures. For the safety during transport and to avoid any damages to our slate we use carton and wooden boxes for slate packing. In this article, […]

Calibration how it’s made and why do we use it


The main reason we calibrate our slate is for creating a uniform thickness in our products. This makes it easier for installation, calculation, packing, transport, and as well for the adhesion of the fixing material it has a positive effect. Also the strength-test for the slate products while being calibrated, is immense, thus making the […]

Slabs, production packing and uses of slabs


The biggest block we can quarry at the Moinho quarrying region we use for Slabs, or Kitchen-Slabs. After opening the layers of Slate, we use the selection for each individual block to check on surface and splittability to see if the blocks are possible to convert into slabs. The most used colour for these slabs […]

Palace of Justice Amsterdam


Surrounded by water and canals, the historic city of Amsterdam is a tourist hotspot in Europe. Right in the middle of the centre of the city, a new plot of land was created inside the famous river ‘IJ’, next to Amsterdam Central Station.  The architects for this project are Dick van Gameren and Bjarn Mastenbroek. […]

Project Swans’ Corner

Nearby the bigger  metropolis and international Airport of Schiphol, a new project with an ecological house was built. The region is close to the beautiful coastline and beaches. The plots are surrounded by grassland and small lakes. The project consists  of 17 detached homes, all of them with a generous 250+ m2 inner space.   […]