How to Import Brazilian Slate

For the safety and best logistical means of transport for your slates, Moinho Company works with shipping services as a means of simplifying your import

Roofing in Slate

Since before the middle ages the empires and kingdoms have used the cladding of Natural Slate for a long lasting solution for roofing of palaces,

Project Restaurant Maarssen

For the renovation of this hotel restaurant instead of choosing for a standard fibre cement industrial option the project owner has made his decision to

Project Swans’ Corner

Nearby the bigger  metropolis and international Airport of Schiphol, a new project with an ecological house was built. The region is close to the beautiful


Palace of Justice Amsterdam

Surrounded by water and canals, the historic city of Amsterdam is a tourist hotspot in Europe. Right in the middle of the centre of the

Project Lugano Hoofddorp

In the city centre of Hoofddorp, the closest town to airport Schiphol-Amsterdam in the Netherlands this new group of buildings was built. The buildings consist

Shipping and Documents

Transit time is the time a ship or ocean vessel takes to cross the ocean from port of departure until port of arrival. From continents

How to Choose a Slate Supplier

The process of choosing a slate supplier depends on the type of products and quantities you need. Some suppliers focus much more on the roofing

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Sustainability of Natural Resources

While recognizing that natural resources are limited, Moinho ensures that all wood used for packing is from reforestation. These Ellioti Pine forests are planted next to the quarries. Each tree will be harvested in 7 years and re-planted.

We also ensure recycling and proper water treatment. All industrial waste is disposed properly. One hundred percent of the water is treated and after filtration we re-use the same water for some of the industrial processes.