Packing with wood and carton

Using ecological Ellioti-Pine wood from renewable forests, we can produce any type of crate. Carton packing in full colour is possible to present your customers a special product in your own chosen style.


Extra Small Packing Slate
Carton And Stretch Slate Packing


Top Slate Packing
Grey Slate Packing


Inside Crate Slate
Crates Slate Packing


Top Cover Slate Crate
Various Sizes Slates Crates


Pure Black Slate Crate
Extra Dark Pure Black Slate


Cartoon Pallet Slate
Window Sills Packing


Grey Slate Packing Crate
Exterior Mustang Slate Packing


Oxyde Multcolour Slate Packing
Black Slate Packing


Slate Slabs Bundles
Large Sizes Crates Slates

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