Our slate is tested, amongst others, by TüV-Rheinland, Germany as resistant to frost, high anti-slip grade and colour resistant, therefore suitable for outdoor paving tiles.

To have an overview of our European Norms (EN, NEN and DIN) and ISO test results: we obtain for various stones of our range the test results for:

  • DIN EN 1926: 2007-03
  • DIN EN 13755: 2008-08
  • DIN EN 1936: 2007-02
  • DIN EN 13364: 2002-02
  • DIN EN 12372: 2007-02
  • DIN EN 14157: 2005-01
  • DIN EN 14231

All official tests were performed by German TüV institute the European reference for building material specifications and regulations. Moinho is the only Brazilian company with these European test-results, performed by today’s standards (2014).

Moinho is the first Brazilian Stone company that complies with the new CE rules by performing all test with TüV – Germany for building products made in Natural Stone.

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