Flooring Tiles

Tiles for flooring and walls

Moinho’s clients can specify the finishing and cutting options to fit their needs.

Even if this means millimetric precision in the cutting of tiles or slabs, we will meet your needs for the perfect shape and size.

Standard calibration for indoor tiles are in 1 or 1,5cm thicknesses, and for outdoor in 2,5 or 3cm.

Other sizes are also possible and can be customizable according to client’s needs. Non calibrated (Natural/Natural) tiles for flooring or roofing are also available.

Precambrian slate

The absence of almost any calcium in our slate makes our material one of the most durable natural stones in the world, with highest resistance for discoloration by weather influence or any acids of  cleaning products.

This specification of our stone quarry makes our slate tiles a great product for bathrooms, kitchens and other highly frequented spaces such as offices and entrances.

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