Surface finishing possibilities

You can ask for our special packing and surface possibilities, such as tumbled Anticato, that makes surface resistant for scratches. Any innovation for your market is welcome for us to develop.

Moinho can offer finishing in Natural, Honed or Anticato surfaces. Natural surface is more recommendable for daily intensive use or Anticato for a more rustic look. Small scratches will disappear with some water, so even class 5 intensive used flooring (like offices and shopping malls) looks as new after years of extensive use.

Our Anticato finishing combines a rustic appearance with the characteristics of natural riven surface. The worn appearance of Anticato is an eye catcher and – unlike brushed surface – still preserves the high scratch-resistance of our slate.
Other finishings as ‘polished’ or ‘frinado’ are as well possible, in any colour like Everest Grey or Anthracite Black.

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