Jungle House

Jungle House by Marcio Kogan

This 65 meter long house in the dense tropical forests of Campos do Jordão- Brazil integrates the beautiful surroundings with a holiday-home made of natural material. Our Anthracite-Black slate is used as flooring, fireplace surrounding and swimming pool cladding.

Pre-Cambrium Slate
The absence of almost any calcium in our slate makes our material one of the most durable natural stones in the world, with highest resistance for de-colourifying by weather influence or any acids of  cleaning products.

The natural split surface is smooth but highly anti-slippery.

In many countries it is used for public access swimming pools, tested up to R11 in anti-slip.

Due to these characteristics, our slate is often used for swimming-pools, bathrooms, spa’s, and terraces.


photography by Fernando Guerra

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