Customized Wall-strips

At Moinho we developed many forms possible in our wallstrips to give your house that specific look you wish for. Based upon different sizes, finishings, construction methods and thicknesses you can design you own specific wall cladding for a project or product line. The various options are for example:
  • RoughSharpsided (BordaDeTelha)
  • Industrial-look thin cut lines (Frinado)
  • Lined and chopped (Martelado)
  • Rough Natural Sides (Rustico)
  • Flat natual surfaces (Natural)
  • Tumbled and antique look (Anticato)
In combination with different colours, sizes, and packing you can create your own line of wall cladding in strips. As examples we hereby published some projects we did these last years. Spa slate wallstrips

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