Everest Gray Large Format

Everest Gray Large Format This floor in Everest Gray large format forms the basis for a beautiful home with modern furnishings. The project uses our slate in the living room, providing more than just a beautiful look, but also a resistant floor for decades, a modern concept with a natural element, ease cleaning in an […]

Science Park Towers

Science Park Towers From 24H Architecture and Zeisser Architecten these two residential towers with apartments have an incredible parking garage on the water. The multicolored slate is ideal for towers of this enormous height because of the high strength which improves resistance to the heavy storms, rain and gives to it an atemporal beautiful look.

Polished Shower Trays

Polished Shower Trays Our slate applied as a polished shower tray gives a unique result in every home and is a sensation every day. The polishing reveals the different layers formed hundreds of millions of years ago. Available in most sizes, this product is an eye catcher in every bathroom.

Fireplaces and firebacks

Fireplaces and firebacks Due to the high temperatures and the resistance, our slate can be used excellently as a fireback or as a mantel surround. Finishing and shapes and thicknesses can be made according to the wishes of the fireplace or stove. 

Bathrooms in Slate

Bathrooms in Slate Due to it’s perfect properties such as very low water absorption, natural anti-slip surface and ease of cleaning, the slate is a perfect material for the bathrooms. In combination with underfloor heating, the natural surface is a delight to the sole of the foot. 

Pure Black Large Format in the Office

Pure Black Large Format in the Office Located surrounded by nature, this office uses the uniform dark color with a recognizable slate structure, creating an impressive working environment. The use of this slate ensures a harmonious design and of course, durability to resist the day-by-day flow of workers.

Modern Villa with Black Slate terrace

Modern Villa with Black Slate terrace Black slate has been used for both the facades and the swimming pool, a result that speaks for itself. Due to the properties of our slate, the surface is very resistant to acids and will hardly discolour even after many years of sunlight. That guarantees low maintenance and an […]

Anthracite Black Inside and Out

Anthracite Black Inside and Out With the use of the Anthracite Black both inside and out and by the pool in houses like this one, we have a wonderful example of the many possibilities of the slate. Friendly to use, low maintenance and very resistant, our Anthracite Black floors have also been used by thousands […]

Anthracite Black Flagstones

Anthracite Black Flagstones These houses are clad in the color Anthracite Black in Flagstone format. The whimsical shapes and natural appearance provide a nice contrast with the modern architecture. With sustainable construction, the shell of the house is insulated at the highest level and the natural slate finish in this form creates a beautiful whole.

Anthracite Black Cladding

Anthracite Black Cladding These facades and roofs are covered with Anthracite Black in a large format of 60 x 30 cm. This is much more sustainable than the industrial products made with chemicals, heat, dyes and even asbestos fibers in the past. The natural Anthracite Black has an extremely long lifespan of many generations, it […]