Ecology and Production of Moinho Slate

In a world where human impact on nature creates pollution and destruction of fauna and flora, we must and will change our construction habits to be sustainable. Instead of polluting we should all have a sustainable and positive impact on our planet. In short, using our slate as a building material is part of the solution for […]

Shipping and Documents

Transit time is the time a ship or ocean vessel takes to cross the ocean from port of departure until port of arrival. From continents like Asia this can take a few weeks up to over one month to reach European harbours or North-American Ports. From Brazil, the harbour of Santos has all the direct […]

Roofing in Slate

Since before the middle ages the empires and kingdoms have used the cladding of Natural Slate for a long lasting solution for roofing of palaces, castles and churches. The timeless beauty of a century old building with slate roofing is evident. The long life time of the slate is well known as well. At first […]

Project Restaurant Maarssen

For the renovation of this hotel restaurant instead of choosing for a standard fibre cement industrial option the project owner has made his decision to clad his building with this cost effective, natural and ecological building material of Moinho’s Slate cladding. Using Anthracite Black for roofing and cladding the make-over of this hotel complex was […]

Project Lugano Hoofddorp

In the city centre of Hoofddorp, the closest town to airport Schiphol-Amsterdam in the Netherlands this new group of buildings was built. The buildings consist of offices and living apartments. For the cladding of slate for this windy area close to the coast of the North Sea the architect has chosen the Moinho’s Multicolour. Various […]